For the First Time Ever, I'm Voting

Straight Democrat

Nicholas Connors

November 5, 2018

I have been a lifelong Republican and I have spent my career working in Republican politics.  But for Election 2018, I am voting straight Democrat.

Democrats get my vote, not because I agree with liberal ideology, but because the greatest need of our Republic is a check of power on Donald Trump and a rebuke to the feckless leadership of the Republican controlled Congress.

For two years, the Republicans have held all the power – the GOP has controlled the House, the Senate, and the White House.  And for two years, the White House, while Republican leaders have remained largely silent, has subjected the country to an onslaught of lies and hyper-divisive behavior rooted in conspiracy, circus, insult, bigotry, and fear. 

In no uncertain terms, the behavior of the President of the United States is extremely alarming. 

It is my greatest hope that a rational Republican Party will reemerge in the future – one that is rooted in the defense of the institutions that uphold our Republic. Republicans must defend traditions and norms, but we must also understand that the most important of all societal needs is the implementation of smart changes based on insight from subject matter experts. 

The GOP must return to a foundation that is steeped in fact-based arguments, fiscal responsibility, and leadership that focuses on solving complex problems with common sense, free enterprise, free markets, and local coalitions, all without assaulting human dignity or social cohesion. 

Republicans must once again speak aloud and sow into their creed deep admiration for allied nations, compassion for the needy and weak, and respect for the opposition.


I long for the day that Republican leaders once again rejuvenate the American spirit with reminders of why America has always been great, and why America will always be great.  

This vile bigoted nationalism that currently saturates the Republican Party must end.