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Nicholas Connors
Chief Strategist
& Founder

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Nick Connors is Chief Strategist and Founder of NSC Strategies where he develops strategy and implements tactics for media and political campaigns. Mr. Connors has an extensive business network and will frequently deploy to campaign field offices to manage operations. He is a published author at the Bulwark. 


Mr. Connors' resume consists of event management at two national security events and five political campaigns––including two at the presidential level. He has worked for Republican leaders like John McCain and independent leaders like Greg Orman. His expertise covers ballot access operations, petition initiatives, campaign management, political strategy development, media relations, op-ed writing, GOTV strategy, and coaching for public speaking and media interviews.

Complimenting his political work, Mr. Connors has extensive experience in corporate communications and investor relations. He has helped take two companies through the IPO process and has provided corporate communications counsel to Fortune 500 companies like Sprint Nextel and Fortune 100 companies like PepsiCo.

Mr. Connors holds a BA in political science from The George Washington University. 

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