NSC Strategies is a strategic communications firm.


We help our clients by producing and implementing winning strategies that are tailored to their​ unique business objectives.  We do this by being a collaborative partner – providing communications and marketing counsel, as well as leveraging our extensive network of reporters, editors, and TV bookers at top-tier print and broadcast media outlets.


Unlike the everyday 'PR' firm, NSC Strategies believes the smallest details and a sophisticated approach are vital to the client experience and to achieving objectives with the greatest efficiency and impact.  The little things matter to us. 


Our strategic counsel is based on defining objectives, and then working backwards to prioritize audiences, conduct research, develop messaging, develop strategy, build the advocacy toolkit, and then implement, track, and adjust. 

There are three areas that dominate our corporate work:

  1. Investor Relations:

    • Pitchboo​k Writing and Messaging;

    • Road Show Talking Points;

    • Website, Social Media, Sizzle Videos;

    • Profile Raising within Equity Capital Markets.

  2. Corporate Marketing

    • Website Creation & Traffic;

    • Logo & Branding;

    • Social Media Campaigns;

    • Email Campaigns​.

  3. Corporate Public Relations​

    • Journalist Relationship Building;​

    • Op-Ed Writing;

    • Media Interviews & Preparation;

    • Pitching / Story Placement.

We offer a full suite of services to plan, build, and execute all types of communications and marketing activities.

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